America is nearing the end of its Utopia

Guest commentary

Warren Grant

Warren Grant

What better way to disarm, take over, placate, pacify, control and manipulate a populace than through children who are too young to understand until the damage has been done? Or through the bellies of the starving, who will sell their children for their next meal? Or by fear and retribution against anyone who will not support any ideas, no matter how diabolical, inhumane, unethical and macabre they may be, if so long as one person sees it as the answer to his (hers) path to Utopia?

I, for one, have never been able to see how a person can persuade others to follow them, except for the ability to be a great orator. Mind you, I said orator, not truthful. In every house of cards, there must be a weakness in the foundation that will eventually bring it down, the same as a Ponzi scheme. It is just a matter of time and timing before it begins to crumble.

It has been said that the oldest profession in the world started with a woman. I disagree. The oldest profession in the world was and still is greed! Someone somewhere has something that someone else wants, and the wheels start turning.

God supported David and made him king, even though he was adulterous and a murderer. David had greed and lust for another man’s wife and made sure to put out an order where he (the husband) would be put into a vulnerable place where David would be killed and he could take her for his wife. And he did.

Greed takes on many forms. One form is power. We have to look no further than Washington, D.C., to see men trampling on each other trying to jockey for a coveted position that contains power.

Ego is another form of greed and power. Look good and say the right thing at the right time, and you will be rewarded.

And most certainly not least, money. It behooves me as to how any politician can take money with the word “God” written on it, but evidently it isn’t too hard to do. How can you retire from the Air Force in 1964 on a salary of approx $1,700 a month, become a senator making approximately $30,000 and retire 20 years later with a worth of approximately $10 million?

And how can you not know that someone has invested a paltry sum in your name and turned it into $100,000 worth of pure profit in cattle futures? How can you sit before a panel of congressmen and say, “What difference does it make at this point” when you weren’t the one that was killed because you didn’t do your job?

Which brings us to present day. The lifespan of a government is from 250 to 350 years, and we are nearing the end of our “Utopia.” I’m not an astrologist, nor do I believe the stars are going to tell us what the future holds. There is a must-read book that pretty much sums it all up, at the same time being very graphic as to what will and will not happen. It’s called the Bible, and I suggest you get one and start reading it.

Once you find yourself standing ankle-deep in blood, it’s going to be a little late to raise your hand and say, “I’ve decided to change my mind.” Everyone keeps telling me God has a plan, we just don’t know what it is. Maybe we do know what it is, but we just don’t want to face reality.

Like the frog in the beaker that is just beginning to boil, you don’t know it, but you’ve just been invited to dinner.

Warren G. Grant, of Albany, was born and raised in a small farming community in central Illinois and has worked across the United States on different projects for large corporations. For the past two decades, he has been a resident of Georgia. He is a regular letter writer to The Albany Herald.