Squawk of the Day - April 13, 2013

"According to my insurance carrier, 2 percent of my rate increase of 9 percent goes to Affordable Health Care Act."

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MRKIA 1 year ago



GeeGee 1 year ago

Now I cannot stand Obama, but a lot of what is wrong with this country has been insurance rates. The US has allowed the lawsuits, premium rates rise, folks building at places that should have never been allowed. So the whole country pays for this fiasco. This county is getting too expensive to live in and I cannot imagine why anyone would want to come here illegally. I have seen illegal school children that say they come here for an education. All they do is sit in class and disrupt it. No they come for the freebies that the taxpayer have to pay. Most folks are sick and tired of it. When those "most folks" need help, you have too much money. Revolution will abound. Get ready. Arm yourself.


RedEric 1 year ago

Have you asked about next years rate increase. More is better, right?


oldster 1 year ago

I bet there are still a bunch out there who think "the government" is going to provide Obama care for free. Sorry I couldn't help to be sarcastic.


whattheheck 1 year ago

It will but you won't be one of those "entitled" to free. Sorry!


Somebody 1 year ago

But he'll pay for someone else to get it for free. 2% or 35%. We are still paying for it.


GG126 1 year ago

What is your insurance carriers explaination about where the other 7 percent incrase is going? You only mentioned an explaination for 2 percent of the increase in your squawk.


alleebrin 1 year ago

Well, for sure, when Obummer gets through with this country, it will wish it had never heard of the likes of him! Can't blame his inept advisors for every misguided decision he comes up with!


Sherwood_Eagle_Alum 1 year ago

How much do you think your premium has increased in the past 20 years due to frivolous lawsuits against insurance companies?


FryarTuk 1 year ago

Save your crocodile tears for somebody other than insurance companies. Those corporations are rolling in the geetis - YOURS and MINE!


Sister_Ruby 1 year ago

Some people are simply unwilling to blame O'Bama for ANYTHING!!! Their minds have hit the BRICK WALL OF IDIOCY and are stuck up on that wall like a piece of wasted chewing gum.


Jimboob 1 year ago

A "Frivolous lawsuit" is someone else's lawsuit. Your lawsuit is about compensation and justice. I have never been on a civil trial as a member of a jury but I would think most people know BS when they hear it and suits that get thrown out cost the people that bring them.


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