Man faces charges for student molestation

Grady Alexander ONeal

Grady Alexander ONeal

ALBANY, Ga. — An Albany man has been charged with molesting a student at an Albany alternative school, spurring an investigation into how he was allowed access to the student on campus.

Grady Alexander O’Neal, 33, was arrested Wednesday night by the Dougherty County School System Police, Chief Investigator J.C. Phillips says. According to Phillips, O’Neal is charged with molesting a 14-year-old student at the South Georgia Regional Achievement Center, where he was known to visit students, bringing pizza or other treats.

Interim Dougherty County School Superintendent Butch Moseley said he learned about the arrest Thursday and that he was concerned that O’Neal was granted access to students. Moseley said that he had spoken with Principal John I. Davis and that a further investigation would be made into whether school policies were violated.

Bond has not been set.


Sherwood_Eagle_Alum 1 year ago

Any individual(s) who had knowledge of this man being on school grounds without need must be held accountable. I'm not saying criminal charges necessarily, but it must be understood that this is unacceptable.


iko 1 year ago

What happened to Abraham Wesley (?) the guy who was impersonating a teacher and who had a phony church that they hired?


waltspecht 12 months ago

This is where accountability had best start Dr. Mosely. For how could this individual have been granted access without signing in, and being processed. Unless of course a whole bunch of folks aren't doing their jobs. As to this individual, we are told that this type of individual cannot be cured, so when is this Country going to step up and make Child Molestation a Capital Crime with mandatory death penalty. No appeal, no question. Absolutely no recividism.


Bulldawg 12 months ago

I agree, Walt. Good point.


VSU 12 months ago

I agree with everything except the death penalty. Maybe cut his private parts off but not the death penalty.


FryarTuk 12 months ago

Temp super says according to AH: " a further investigation would be made into whether school policies were violated."

What policy allows anyone other than staff, parents or approved contractors on any school campus or facility during school hours? Who gave this monster permission to be on a school campus and for what reason? How many other children have fallen to his prey?

Are other DCSS facilities allowing non-staff to come to campus? How much more of this is going on?

Throw the book at them! When a child is harmed and in this case heinously raped go after them hammer and tong with as much attention as you can garner.

Butch, you got a lot more to do, son. DCSS had developed into a target for self-serving adults. The new board and temp super have to plow the reformation furrows deep. You're heading in the direction of redemption.


erock 12 months ago

An investigation huh. How do about a criminal investigation as to who is responsible for letting this guy in.


Jacob 12 months ago

Absolutely! At minimum, some folks need to be in the unemployment line over this.


RODEJOSH 12 months ago

I posted a comment several hours ago that has not been posted. Can you tell why?


Sherwood_Eagle_Alum 12 months ago

I would guess your post was/is pending moderator review. If the comment in question still has not posted and newer comments have posted then it seems it was not approved by the moderator.

Was the comment controversial in any way?


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