A haircut’s no time for entertainment

Letter to the editor

Just curious. I’ve noticed for the last 10-15 years that the “hair trade” (beautician/barber) has been getting pretty much a free ride. As for the health inspectors, I’m not sure if they have any. I’ve seen combs on the floor picked up and used. I’ve seen brushes and combs along with cutters laid on the counter top used on one customer after another without the slightest attempt to sterilize them. With head lice running rampant, I would think this is something that needs to be addressed. Maybe an inspection score should be posted in the paper like they do for restaurants.

And while I’m at it, I would like for the beautician/barber to know that the little spray bottle they use to blast below freezing water on me to make what few hairs I have left lay down is extremely uncomfortable. I’m surprised you don’t ruin your clippers from trying to cut frozen hair.

And the clippers are just that — hair clippers or cutters. They are not gouging tools used to take your head off. Of course I have hair in my ears. Why do you think I’m in there? Odd as it may be, some will clean my ears and some will not. Why do I have to ask you? But jabbing the clippers inside my ear like you’ve just seen a speck of gold and you’re going after it hurts.

And yelling at another employee at the top of your lungs is not something I care to hear. They’re only five feet away and not deaf, so just talk quietly. Or better yet, shut up. I’m there for a haircut, not entertainment.




daisymae 2 years, 7 months ago

Sounds to me like you Mr. Grant need to do your own hair. If you are going to complain about everything in the beauty/barber shop. No, I am not a beautician but sounds like you would not be happy if they opened a brand new pair of scissors or hair clippers, put the water bottle in the microwave to warm it. I am glad that I am not a beautician and ever had you for a customer.


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