Two arrested, one injured in brawl

Quantavious Thomas

Quantavious Thomas

ALBANY, Ga. -- An early morning stabbing brought a brawl into an Albany hospital that resulted in two law enforcement agencies being called in to help break it up and two individuals being arrested, police say.

Officials with the Albany Police Department say officers responded to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital around 2 a.m. on Monday in reference to a part-time security officer requesting assistance with a large crowd attempting to fight with the hospital staff while they were trying to render aid to a stabbing victim.


Angel Wheeler

Upon the officers' arrival, there were several males and females in the lobby arguing with the hospital staff. After APD officers regained control of the disturbance, it was discovered that the victim and the suspect got into a verbal altercation while they were at L'Jua's Restaurant, 704 Radium Springs Road.

When they arrived at 436 Gaines Ave., the argument continued. One person pulled out a knife and stabbed the second individual in the left side of the chest, police said.

Both were transported to Phoebe by relatives of the stabbing victim. Reports say the stabbing victim's relatives attempted to assault the suspect, but were stopped by a part-time Dougherty County Police Department officer. County police called for assistance from on-duty DCPD officers and they, in turn, requested assistance from APD, Albany police officials say.

The stabbing victim, identified as Willie Lewis, 19, received a small laceration in his left chest. A spokeswoman at Phoebe said there was no information available on his condition Monday afternoon.

Angel Wheeler, 22, has been charged with reckless conduct in connection to the stabbing. After reviewing the video surveillance of the altercation in the hospital lobby and emergency center, a man was arrested for assaulting several nurses and the doctor. Warrants for three counts of simple battery were taken Monday against

Quantavious Thomas in reference to the altercation at the hospital.


erock 2 years, 1 month ago

With the surveillance cameras that Phoebe has, there should have been more than just two arrests. What's going to happen the next time when knives and fist are replaced by assault rifles. I could care less if these thugs want to kill each other, unfortunately innocent people get killed when these wild baboons get their hands on a weapon of any sort. I would expect to see this sort of behavior in Darfur or Haiti, but not in southwest Georgia. You finally get a decent eatery in East Albany, then you pull a stunt like this and drag them through the mud. Complete stupidity.


MRKIA 2 years, 1 month ago



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