Sumter County makes methamphetamine arrests

AMERICUS, Ga. — The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office has issued 18 arrest warrants in relation to a drug trafficking investigation, law enforcement officials say.

According to Sumter County Sheriff Pete Smith, while general drug investigation has been “ongoing,” a sizable break in arrests related to the manufacture and distribution of crystal methamphetamine came Thursday and Friday with information that broadened the suspect base.

“We got a little information from one person,” Smith said, “and that information led to another suspect and more information.”

Smith said the “snowballing of information has provided for 18 warrants so far,” with “nine or ten” of the individuals in custody.

According to Smith, about $3,500 worth of methamphetamine and $35,000 in assets have been seized in the investigation. The investigation also involved the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, Smith said.


RedEric 2 years ago

Meth is horrible. It has been up north for three decades. It lays waste to users. It was known as white trash drug. It does reduce welfare rolls, but unfortunately after they breed. I knew a guy that got his girlfriend off of it. He was so proud. Four years ago they both got addicted and are dead.


agirl_25 2 years ago

I have a friend who is an ER nurse in (of all cities) Pittsburgh, and she said a terrible problem there now, well it has been for a while, is "bath salts". She said it is sad, the number of teen deaths attributed to it. You are right about meth tho, it is horrible. I am sure you have seen the web pages of the before and after pictures of those addicted.


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