Volunteers impact the community

Letter to the Editor

It has been said volunteerism and altruism are two things which distinguish America from the rest of the world. A philanthropic spirit has been with America since the birth of our great nation. This week is National Volunteer Week, and it is only fitting we take time to acknowledge our fellow citizens who contribute time and talent to many worthy causes.

If we feel good about a cause, we are likely to give it our time and treasure. With the amount of time we are given on this earth being an unknown, time is the most valuable commodity we have. For those who give this finite resource freely to others, it is truly a gift from the heart. Think of the many organizations we take for granted which are made possible because of volunteers: churches, charities, Little League coaches, soup kitchens, Boy/Girl Scout leaders, local government and board members of nonprofit organizations. All of these people have answered the call to lend their time, talent and resources without payment or reward, quiet heroes crucial to the existence of our communities.

The Phoebe Family is blessed to have more than 650 volunteers. Each volunteer at Phoebe plays a role in making a contribution toward the success of the hospital and, more importantly, the commitment to caring that is so vital to every patient who comes through our doors. We are proud of our volunteers and the valuable contributions they make to our hospital. These volunteers have made it possible for Phoebe to accomplish her mission.

As the history of volunteerism in America continues to be written, as a new generation of “world changers” rises up in a nation that cherishes philanthropic efforts, be sure to thank a volunteer for the incredible impact they have on our community.