Who supported the Boston bombers?

Letter to the Editor

What no one seems to want to address is where these two bombers got the money to support themselves? Pressure cookers, explosives and firearms aren’t free. Neither is living in the Boston area.

The only money we have heard of is a $2,500 schlorship the younger one had. Evidently they got money from somewhere. One even took a year off to box.

Who supported these two, because no one is mentioning any work either of them has ever done? I truly hope the taxpayers haven’t been supporting these two and buying them bombs and ammunition.




ObjectiveEyes 2 years, 7 months ago

Reports indicate the oldest brother and his family were/are on welfare. He had no job. The wife/mother worked a $12 per hour job as a medical assistant. You're right, Walt (as usual) the money for their scheme to destroy and kill came from somewhere. But, when we have a President that refuses to acknowledge their acts for what they were...radical, Islamic terrorisim...well, the hope that we will ever know the truth is pretty much non-existent.


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