Barges Explode In River Near Mobile

Fire rages on a fuel barge in Mobile bay.  SOURCE: Al.com

Fire rages on a fuel barge in Mobile bay. SOURCE: Al.com

MOBILE, Ala. —Fires sparked by explosions engulfed two gasoline barges in the Mobile River, injuring three workers who remained in critical condition on Thursday, authorities said.

The blasts on Wednesday night aboard the fuel barges off the shore of Mobile, Alabama, forced officials to evacuate nearby shipyards and one cruise vessel, said Mobile Fire Chief Steve Dean.

For safety reasons, firefighters were keeping a distance from the barges, which were carrying raw gasoline and had already been the source of multiple explosions, Dean said.

The barge explosions forced the crew of Carnival Corp's cruise vessel Triumph to evacuate.

Three men working on the barges remained in critical condition with severe burns on Thursday, two in a burn unit, and the other in a surgical trauma unit, said Danny Whatley, nursing administrator for spokesman for Mobile's University of South Alabama Medical Center.

He declined to identify them, other than to say one was from Alabama and the others were from other U.S. states.

Mobile Fire and Rescue Department spokesman Steve Huffman said he didn't know who owned the barges or what their destination was.

The cause of the explosions was unknown and would not be determined until after firefighters reached the vessels, he said.

In February, an engine fire left Carnival Corp's Triumph and 4,000 passengers adrift in the Gulf of Mexico until they were towed back to land.


whattheheck 2 years ago

The Triumph seems to be a Jonah. Anyone for a heavily discounted cruise?


VSU 2 years ago

There seems to be a lot of explosions going on lately. That chemical explosion in Cordele a month or so ago, then that one in Texas last week and now this.


RedEric 2 years ago

Right VSU, probably the tea baggers or the clingers right? This regime is viewed as weak. That is the reason we are being attacked. I don't know what this will turn out to be however, you are right there seems to be a lot of it lately. Remember Sun Tzu, attack where they are weak.


VSU 2 years ago

Actually I never stated we were under attack, just commented that there seems to be a lot of explosions going on, whether it's accidental or for whatever reason.


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