Phoebe Putney board, Hospital Authority meet on legal issues

ALBANY — The Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Board and Albany-Dougherty Hospital Authority met in separate executive sessions Friday to discuss legal issues facing the hospital.

The authority met for just over an hour behind closed doors. The board then conducted an hour-and-a-half closed session.

No one from either group would speak to the media about the topic of the executive sessions. However, Phoebe and the Hospital Authority face a Thursday deadline with the Federal Trade Commission in its review of Phoebe’s purchase of the former HCA Palmyra Hospital.

The case was set to go before an administrative judge, but on June 24 the FTC issued an order withdrawing the matter from adjudication in order to consider a consent proposal. That order was to have expired July 25.

On July 24, the FTC extended the withdrawl order two more weeks. The “matter will remain withdrawn from adjudication until Thursday, August 8, 2013, at which time it will return to adjudicative status under Part 3 of the Commission Rules of Practice,” the order states.