Board members should put students first

Letter to the Editor

As I am sitting here reading Saturday’s Albany Herald, I am having a very hard time digesting the article written about Mr. Griffin, “Griffin supports school chief, but not new contract.”

Wasn’t Dr. Mosely hired to be the interim superintendent and help clean up the system and get it back on the right track? I am of the opinion that Dr. Mosely and the current School Board needs to get the school system on the right track before hiring a permanent superintendent. It is sad that a group of prominent black ministers from Mr. Griffin’s district are so into politics. It appears that some of the people in Mr. Griffin’s district don’t want the school system to be “headed in the right direction.”

Forget the “contract.” If Dr. Mosely has the school system headed in the right direction, you vote to make sure that positive change is taking place and that it will make a stronger and better school system. You don’t vote against it just because you have a few “prominent” people in your district dictating to you how to do the job you were elected to do.

And, you surely don’t leave the meeting when it is time to vote, Mr. Bush.

It looks like our School Board still has a very long way to go based on the actions that continue to take place among a few of the members.