Drivers aren’t observing rules of the road

Letter to the Editor

I have been a resident of Albany for a number of years and in driving around have observed two violations in particular which motorists need to be made more aware of.

One is that far too many drivers use the left lane of a four-lane highway as the lane to travel in. I find this especially true on U.S. 19 between Albany and Leesburg as I travel this road quite a few times each week. Perhaps the left lane is their “comfort zone,” but the law states that you are to drive in the right lane except when passing another vehicle. In fact on some of these roads there are posted signs that read “Keep Right Except to Pass.”

Another violation that I see frequently occurs on four lane roads involving turns. When making a left turn, the turn should be made from the left lane (which is usually done) into the lane nearest to the left in the direction in which they are going. And too many times this is not done, but rather the driver swings way over into the right lane. Or when making a right turn, the turn should be made from the right lane into the lane closest to the right in the direction in which they will be going and not into the left lane, as I see so many times.

I have lived in both New York City and Los Angeles for short periods of time during my college days and in those places these laws are enforced. Especially in the Los Angeles area, many municipalities along with the California Highway Patrol use motorcycle police officers to help enforce these as well as other traffic laws. Perhaps the local law enforcement officers in the Albany area need to stop and at least warn drivers of these illegal practices.