Recycling information already available

Letter to the Editor

This is in reference to the article in today’s (Wednesday) paper concerning the Albany Commission’s OK on curbside recycling. The commissioners responded favorably with one stating that “a city this size should have a recycling program,” and another stating that it would give “our citizens an opportunity to learn what can and can’t be recycled.”

Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful is listed in the city telephone directory under “Albany-City of.” In addition, a special insert titled “Go Green, Albany” was published in The Albany Herald on Jan. 13. This pamphlet covered topics about electronic recycling day, office waste, recycling dropoff sites and what materials are accepted, proper disposal of medications, plus much more.

It is hard for me to believe that the city commissioners do not know about KADB since it is a joint venture of the Albany City Commission and the Dougherty County Commission. KADB works hard to inform and educate the public about improving the environment through special projects, which includes recycling.

I think if I were Ms. Bowles (executive director of KADB), I would be grinding my teeth in frustration at the lack of acknowledgment of KADB.