Westover's Rehberg twins have more than just looks in common

Westover High School seniors Stephanie, left, and Jessica Rehberg are not only identical twins, the two also boast identical sterling academic resumes.

Westover High School seniors Stephanie, left, and Jessica Rehberg are not only identical twins, the two also boast identical sterling academic resumes.

ALBANY, Ga. -- When Jessica and Stephanie Rehberg walk down the halls of Westover High School, it's obvious the two are identical twins. What's not obvious is that the two also boast nearly identical stellar academic resumes.

Earlier this month, the sisters were named to the National Society of High School Scholars, this after participating in the Governor's Honors Program during the summer and being inducted into the Beta Club. The two were also Girls State participants.

In 2011, the twins transferred as sophomores from Sherwood Christian to Westover to take advantage of the Dougherty County School System's Advanced Placement classes.

"Their father (Charles) and I decided to move the girls to Westover because of the AP classes," their mother, Wanda Rehberg, said. "The AP classes are more rigorous, and there were more options in the public school system. We were nervous at first, but Westover has been a great experience for them and they have done very well, despite the negative things you hear about the public schools."

The girls were also nervous about the transfer.

"The courses at Sherwood were hard, but many colleges don't know that," Jessica said.

"It (the transfer) was initially scary," Stephanie said. "Sherwood made us work hard and we were challenged."

The transition, however, went smoothly. As juniors, Stephanie was the school's homecoming queen, while Jessica was captain of the varsity tennis team.

This year at Westover, the girls went straight to Spanish Five from Spanish Three. They are also taking AP Biology and AP Calculus. Both APed out of English 1101 at Darton State College and are taking 1102 and Macro Economics there.

The twins have had identical class schedules since the ninth grade.

Education, however, is supposed to be fun, and that came during the four weeks the twins spent in the Governor's Honors Program recently at Valdosta State University.

"That was truly a life-changing experience for me," Jessica said. "It was so much fun. The staff was very involved. If you wanted to do something, you just did it and did not worry about the end result."

The girls majored in social studies during Governor's Honors, attending classes from how to deal with North Korea to the study of serial killers and psychopaths.

"The instructors were looking for passion from you in your subject area," Stephanie said. "Then they drill you and drill you again in your subject. We learned so much; it was wonderful."

Despite identical looks and academic resumes, there has to be a difference between the two, right?

"We may seem a lot alike on paper, and we share many of the same interests, but we really are different," Jessica said. "(Stephanie) is more of a girly-girl, and I am more of a tomboy. But we do know what the other one is thinking."

"We can talk and say just two words and know what the other one meant," Stephanie said. "We also have the same friends.

The pair plan to major in International Business in college, possibly at the University of Georgia, before going on to law school.

And what happens on the fateful day the two sisters eventually have to split up?

"We've been fine," Jessica said. "We've met a lot of identical twins, and we all know we'll have to deal with that one day."

The only person who might not be "OK" is the twins' mother.

"Oh, I try not to think about the day they will leave," Wanda Rehberg said, laughing. "I don't know what I'll do with myself."