Michigan travelers might need lottery, too

Letter to the editor

A few years ago, my job involved going to a couple of small towns in the Gainesville, Fla., area.

I would drive to Tifton on Highway 82, then get on I-75 the rest of the way. I would see big, nice motor homes going in both directions. Some of these motor homes would have trailers with new cars, Jeeps, motorcycles and golf carts on them.

I noticed that a lot of these vehicles had Michigan tags on them. Maybe, just maybe, they might have been from Detroit. Who knows for sure? These lucky people might have been on vacation, going to Disney World or even the Daytona 500.

I would look at them with awe and wish I could hit the lottery and be financially able to do the same. With the auto industry the way it is now, these same people might have to hit the lottery to maintain this lifestyle.