Sunday crime in Albany includes aggravated assault, obstruction

Photo by J.D. Sumner

Photo by J.D. Sumner

ALBANY — A 17-year-old has been charged with aggravated assault, while a man in his 50s has been arrested for obstructing and hindering law enforcement on Sunday, police reports show.

Reports from the Albany Police Department show that there was an aggravated assault involving a firearm just before 9 p.m. Sunday. Phyllis Banks, spokeswoman for the APD, said that the victim, a 24-year-old male, was at Cotton Avenue and South McKinley Street with his girlfriend when he was approached by two people.

At that point, words were exchanged. The victim said that one of the individuals pulled out a gun and started shooting at him. Both suspects were located, and Donnie Robinson Jr., 17, was charged with aggravated assault, Banks said.

The victim was not injured, Banks said.

Earlier that same day, a 52-year-old man was arrested after getting aggressive with a police officer, reports show.

While patrolling the 200 block of North Slappey Boulevard just before 4 p.m. on Sunday, APD Officer Chris Baltenburger said in an incident report narrative that he saw a man standing at Gillionville Road and North Slappey Boulevard holding a sign that read “Everything helps even a smile.”

“I have warned this individual several times about standing at this intersection. While sitting at that intersection I observed the man, Byron Staley, walk to a vehicle waiting at the light and receive money from the vehicles occupants,” Baltenburger wrote in the narrative. “I activated my emergency lights and attempted to make contact with Staley. Upon walking to my patrol car, Staley became very irate.”

After Staley said he was going home and asked the officer why he was messing with him “Stanley then threw the sign to the ground and took an aggressive stance. Staley then proceeded to punch at my face with a closed a fist,” Baltenburger wrote.

Baltenburger said in the report that Staley did not make physical contact with the officer. The incident was cleared with Staley’s arrest, Banks said.