Falcons' Robiskie wants receivers to help team reach Super Bowl XLVIII

Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is part of an offense in Atlanta that has mammoth expectations for this season, and assistant head coach Terry Robiskie will only be satisfied with a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII. (Reuters News Service)

Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is part of an offense in Atlanta that has mammoth expectations for this season, and assistant head coach Terry Robiskie will only be satisfied with a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII. (Reuters News Service)

ALBANY — Terry Robiskie, the Falcons assistant head coach and wide receiver coach, told the receivers that he wants a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII.

“Just today, I was telling them all that I’m expecting to go to New York and I don’t want to go shopping,” Robiskie said. “I want to go up there in February.

“That’s what I’m expecting. I’m not expecting a big year from this guy or from that one. I’m expecting them to help us get to New York. That’s my focus.”

Super Bowl XLVIII is slated to be played on Feb. 2, 2014 at MetLife Stadium, the home of the New York Giants and Jets, in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Robiskie, 59, won a Super Bowl ring as the running backs coach with the Los Angeles Raiders, who defeated the Redskins, 38-9, in Super Bowl XVIII in 1984.

Robiskie is pleased with the training camp play of Roddy White and Harry Douglas and is planning to slowly work Julio Jones back up to speed after he missed a week with tight hamstrings.

Drew Davis and Kevin Cone are running behind the Falcons big three receivers.

But Robiskie is concerned about the young players down the roster. The group has practiced well, but got in the first exhibition game and become overly excited.

He cited one player, who was assigned to run a route at 18 yards, but cut it short at 12 yards.

“We are trying to create timing and get them to be sound fundamentally,” Robiskie said. “They lost all of their fundamentals when they got to the game.”

Robiskie preached to the offending receiver about not short-changing his routes.

“If I go to the store and I gave that clerk $20 and she owes $8 worth of change, I’m not leaving until I get my change,” Robiskie said. “That’s what I explained to them. You can’t run a 12-yard (route) when we call for a 20-yard route. You’ve got to give me my 8 yards.”

He was not too alarmed by the young receivers slipping into panic mode in their first NFL game.

“It happens and I’ve seen it happen many, many times,” Robiskie said. “The thing about this group of young guys is that they are very coachable.”

DEVELOPING LINEMEN: The job of getting Lamar Holmes or Ryan Schraeder ready to protect Matt Ryan at right tackle is complicated by the new CBA rules that limit contact practices.

“It’s very tough,” said Don Shonka, general manager and national scout for ourlads.com, while being interviewed by Bob Berger on 92.9 The Game. “You’ve only got so many practices in pads.”

The draft website, ourlads, had Lamar Holmes of Southern Mississippi rated as the 14th tackle in the 2012 draft. The Falcons selected him with the 91st pick overall in the third round. He was the 11th tackle picked in that draft. Schraeder is an undrafted rookie out of Valdosta State.

Holmes missed valuable developmental time last season when he was out with a stress fracture. He played only seven snaps from scrimmage and is viewed as a project. He is running with the first team offense after the a season ending injury to Mike Johnson.

“They are going to have to help him with tight ends on that side,” said Shonka, who was a pro scout for 16 years. “You hate to keep a guy like (Tony) Gonzalez in when he’s an outstanding receiver, but you might have to hold him in on the right side. You might have to go with two tight ends some times. There are a variety of things (they can do). Help with chip (blocks). But he’s going to (need) some help out there. It’s going to be a tough chore for him, I think.”

RUN GAME GOALS: Running back coach Gerald Brown was not pleased with how the team ran the ball against the Bengals.

He has three goals for the Baltimore game.

“Like we did in the first game, I want to protect the football,” Brown said. “We didn’t put the ball on the ground (against the Bengals).

“We’ve got to protect our passer. We were solid in blitz pickups against Cincinnati.

“Our message, not only to the running backs, but to the team, is that we have to be more efficient running the football. We have to make plays in the run game.”

JOHNSON SURGERY: Right tackle Johnson is scheduled to have surgery this week to repair his fractured fibula and dislocated left ankle.

“It was unfortunate to lose Mike,” offensive line coach Paul Dunn said. “He was showing real good promise and was coming on. We’re all just sick to our stomach about that. Michael was doing a really nice job.”