Manhunt on for suspects in pickup truck

ALBANY — When two burglary suspect were chased from Lee County into Albany, the Lee County sheriff’s office got a little help from their friends.

According to Sheriff Reggie Rachels, when an alert home owner noticed two suspicious-looking men near his home on Forrester Parkway, the homeowner chased the suspects.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office was notified at 11:24 a.m. Wednesday and joined in the chase of the black 2000 Ford F150. According to law enforcement officials, the suspects drove into northwest Albany where they abandoned their truck on a dirt road near 10th Street and ran into a heavily-wooded area. Officers of the Albany Police department are cooperating in the neighborhood search, officials say.

Inside the abandoned truck was an assortment of hardware and equipment, including a power grinder and a gasoline generator. Officers are checking to see if any of the items are stolen. Rachels said various electronic consumer items were inside the cab of the truck. Officers plan to have the vehicle dusted for fingerprints in an effort to obtain evidence of ownership, officials say. The rear tag of the vehicle had been crudely obscured and altered, officers said.

Rachels said a warrant would be sought to open the truck and examine the contents. In addition, he believes that arrest warrants will be issued against the two suspects once the contents are examined and further information is available.

Sheriff’s officials say they are looking to question 40-year-old Walton Wayne Marshall and his unidentified associate in connection with Wednesday’s event. Marshall is said to have numerous tattoos and may be wearing a plaid shirt.