Leesburg to interview candidates

LEESBURG — Four candidates for the newly-created city manager’s post in Leesburg are expected to be interviewed by City Council members today and Saturday.

Mayor Jim Quinn confirmed the interviews will take place during the two-day period. One candidate is expected in town today, with three candidates to appear before the Council Saturday.

“We’ve got some good candidates and, hopefully, we’ll come out of this with a great city manager,” said Quinn.

The City Council met in executive session last week and reviewed the 16 applicants for the job.

“We narrowed it down to the five people who met our qualifications,” Quinn said.

Pam Helton of the Georgia Municipal Association, who recently assisted the City of Leesburg in an assessment of its operations, will work with Council members during the interview session. One of the findings during that assessment was a recommendation to hire a city manager.

Quinn said Helton is developing a set of questions for the Council members to ask each candidate.

“We have to ask the same questions of everyone,” Quinn said. “The Council will pose the questions to the four candidates. We’ll narrow it down to three after this process, announce the names of the three finalists and go through the 14-day waiting period.”

Quinn said a previous out-of-town commitment will prevent him from participating in Saturday’s session.

The interviews, he said, will be conducted in closed sessions.

Underwood and Company has assisted the City Council in conducting the search. The salary range is $50,000 to $80,000.