Woman sentenced for illegal dumping

ALBANY — Sentenced last week for illegal dumping, Amanda Webb will be required to serve 100 hours of community service after officials say Webb’s name and address was found mixed with the 11 bags of household refuse discarded on a site behind the old Bob’s Candy plant on Oakridge Drive.

“Code enforcement goes out every day to look and make sure the rules are followed. That’s their job,” said Judy Bowles, director of Keep Albany-Dougherty County Beautiful.

According to Bowles, keeping trash and dangerous substances out of sight and in there proper places makes not only for a more pleasant environment — it all just makes good economic sense.

“We need to look good for business and industry to come here, Bowles said. “It’s jobs we’re talking about. When you dump your litter in the wrong places, it can be a health or safety risk. The garbage attracts rats. Children can break the bags and get into almost anything.”

Bowles said that a code enforcement officer recently found a live rattlesnake inside a discarded bag of garbage.

“Anyone who has trash or garbage can take it to the Dougherty County landfill, Bowles said. The landfill will accept up to 250 pounds or refuge once a day for no charge. All you need is a Dougherty County tag.”

According to Bowles, Mayor Dorothy Hubbard’s plan to beautify the city is nearing the end of it’s first phase — the “adoption” and beautification of city blocks and neighborhoods by teams or businesses. The time is nearing now for greater enforcement of certain city codes, she said.

“Unfortunately, I’m afraid we’re going to have make some examples,” Bowles said.