GLASS: Free cell phones cost taxpayers

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I was raised with a good work ethic. I was taught that you have to work for what you get and that nothing is handed out to you, nor is anything free.

My, how the times have changed. I see these “Free Cell Phone” tents around and about in Albany at different times. Now, we all know that nothing is “free.” I would like to know by me being a tax paying citizen where this is coming out of my pocket? Are there fees attached to my cell phone bill that pay for these phones? Are there fees attached to my house phone bill that pay for these phones?

Are there fees coming from the income taxes that are being deducted from my pay check? How do I qualify for a “free cell phone”?

It is my opinion that a cell phone is a luxury item. A cell phone should not be handed out free of charge to the recepient. If I have the funds to pay for a cell phone, great I can purchase a cell phone and pay my bill monthly for the expenses I have incurred.

Our country is in such a financial mess due to the government giving “hand-outs” to so many people who don’t work let alone who won’t work. The government sends so much money to other countries. and has so many programs within the U.S. for people who make receiving a “hand out” a way of life. It is sad that so few of us trying to make a living and raise a family are held down due to the continued increase in taxes to the government just for them to give hand outs to people who refuse to work. We have the rich who have ways around paying their fair share, we have people who refuse to work and get food stamps and all kinds of financial assistance while the working, middle class pays for these “freebies.”

Now, I guess I hit on everything except the “Obamacare.” Our country is going down hill in the fast lane.