WRIGHT: Majority thwarted on gunowner checks

Letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

In our country we are sometimes told that we are a very civilized nation. This may be true, but we are also a very gun-obsessed nation. When polls states that 95 percent of the nation wants background checks for gun purchases and the few that disagrees wins the debate, it sends a sad commentary for the nation. A few are outraged if the 95 percent even advocates to their congressmen.

The 95 percent understands that background checks is nothing new for renting an apartment, buying a car, joining the military, applying for a job or getting a credit card. Of course fear is a compelling factor in the few people that oppose mandatory background checks. The few are fearful only of the government having their information in a government database that can be used in a harmful way. Their fear is understandable, yet very confusing since the year is 2013 and not 1913. Most of the 95 percent that agrees with having mandatory background checks (not all fully embrace the law, but see it as necessary) realize that the data on these background checks is vulnerable to hacking and compromise. The few probably believe that pro-gun organizations can compile their own database without any fear of their information being compromised. Good luck with that.

Unfortunately, mass shooting in this country is the new norm and I believe we will accept it as the normal in years to come. When 20 babies can be gunned down in their classrooms (with some being dismembered) and the loudest voice is the few, then add the senseless opposition to this law as another evidence of how gun obsessed this nation is. The arguments over abortions, gay marriage, insane tax laws and stand your ground can and do divide us. It doesn’t matter where you stand on these other issues; it’s just the new directions of the nation.

But remember the issue of mandatory background checks for gun purchases has a 95 percent approval, so good luck with those other issues. Personally, I don’t care how many guns a person owns. I’m only concerned about what kinds of guns (like a 50-caliber machine gun or AK-47 rifle) that the public has access to. If you are upset with me, well, talk to the parents of Ronald E. McNair Academy in Decatur first.