WARREN D. GRANT: Time will tell on deal with Iran

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Liberal pundits are too quick to applaud U.S./Iranian deal

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Just when the Final Chapter thinks things couldn’t get worse, surprise! Last Friday, Eugene Robinson and Monday Cynthia Tucker both jumped on the great deal in Iran.

I’ll be happy when two years have gone by and the Israelis and the Iranians have opened their arms to each other and are sitting down at the same table for nothing but a chitchat about how good things are. But the truth of the matter is, there have been wars in the Middle East since before Christ, and I personally don’t see it ending any time soon.

Several countries have openly committed to the total annihilation of Israel. I see this pact with Iran as a chance for them to continue what they were doing, but with some sanctions lifted so they can achieve their goal more quickly. If I were the president of Iran I would have agreed to anything just to get the sanctions lifted. When Carter brokered a peace agreement between Sharon and Arafat, it lasted until Arafat was back home and then it was business a usual.

Has everyone forgotten the Israeli family that was butchered, along with their children, and the very next day the Palestinians were celebrating by dancing in the streets and giving candy to everyone? I am not against the so-called deal with Iran, but I wouldn’t shout from the roof tops until the test of time shows that it has, in fact, worked.

I hope it proves me wrong, but from where I stand, every branch of the olive tree has been stripped and the Palestinians have done nothing but use it for firewood. My take on the deal is the same one Pelosi had about Obamacare: We’ll have to wait and see what’s in it.