DAVID SHIVERS: Cynthia Tucker's column is no diatribe

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columnist Cynthia Tucker didnt read minds in writing her column

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

After reading the letter to the editor (“Tucker Continues Divisive Writings,” Nov. 26), I had to go back and re-read Tucker’s article “War on Christmas ignores history.” I failed to understand how any reasonable reader could find it “diatribe” or a “defecation” on Thomas Jefferson.

First of all, Tucker didn’t read Sarah Palin’s mind. She read her book, or a summary of it at least, which I assume was derived from the contents of Palin’s mind.

Secondly, Tucker didn’t read Jefferson’s mind either. What she says about Jefferson is fact recorded by history in Jefferson’s own writings. Jefferson believed in God but he was not of the Christian belief in the divinity of Christ. He was what is known as a Deist. (“Deism,” according to my Funk & Wagnall’s dictionary, is “the belief in the existence of a personal God, based solely on the testimony of reason and rejecting any supernatural revelation.”) In fact, in 1803 Jefferson went so far as to create his own version of the Bible, known commonly as “the Jefferson Bible,” in which he went through a Bible and clipped out accounts of miracles performed by Christ and references to His divinity.

Thirdly, the letter writer cites Tucker’s “continuing hatred and venomous columns.” I’ve seen nothing in her writings to indicate that; only that her opinions are filtered by the circumstances under which she grew up, just as I imagine the letter writer’s perceptions are filtered through his own personal prism.

Finally, I do agree with the letter writer on one thing: I am no fan of Sarah Palin, and wish she would simply go back to Alaska and just stay there and quietly raise her family.