ROBBIE GREEN: South Georgia heroes come to stranded women’s aid

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A tire blowout could have been a disaster

Once again, God has allowed me to meet a couple of real “south Georgia heroes”!

This morning, I left our New Elm farm to make an early morning trip to Camilla with some pecan samples. Since my mother and I had appointments in Moultrie at 9 a.m., I asked her to ride with me in hopes that we could make our appointments on time. We left Camilla a little after 8 a.m. and headed toward Moultrie.

Right after we passed Pebble City, we had a blowout! There was not much shoulder on the road, but I got off the pavement as much as I could and tried to call my son. I knew that I would not be able to change the tire and was about to call gay’s Tire Co. in Moultrie to come and help me when a couple of heroes, Andrew Pierce and Richard Taylor, arrived on the scene.

They were in a Georgia Department of Transportation truck from Albany DOT, but as far as I’m concerned, they were wearing wings! The younger man, Andrew Pierce, quickly got out my spare and the dinky little jack that came with the car. He got right down on the edge of the pavement and, using those crude tools, got the spare on and everything back in the car.

I praise God that mama and I were uninjured in the blowout, and cannot say enough about Andrew and Richard — two wonderful men who went completely out of their way to help two old women in need. I hope my “heroes” are reading this … and I hope their employers are, too, because they have some real winners working for them! I hope they’ll search Andrew and Richard out and give them a hearty raise and a much deserved pat on the back! Thank you for your wisdom in hiring such fine men!