LORIE FARKAS: Thanks go out for Christmas parade

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It took the combined effort of hundreds of people to make the Albany Christmas parade successful

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I replied, “Yes, Oliver there is a real Santa and he live in the hearts and minds and efforts of those who give the gift of themselves.”

I went on to tell him that the hundreds of volunteers who spend hundreds of hours a year creating, designing and producing the annual Christmas Parade are Santa’s elves and they would not spend so much time if the joy-filled man in the red suit did not truly exist. Santa is so grateful for the many, many volunteers who give of their time and talents to usher in the Christmas Season.

Without the employees of The Water, Gas and Light Commission, the city of Albany, Dougherty County, MCLB, the Rescue Team, the Ham Radio Club, the Georgia Defense League, WALB and The Albany Herald, there would be no Celebration of Lights annual Christmas Parade. If Santa was not real, Oliver, how could he inspire hundreds of volunteers from every walk of life to give life to his parade? Those volunteers have Santa in their hearts and minds all year as they busily build the parade.

It’s the first gift Santa gives to Southwest Georgia each year and on the night of the parade the jolly old elf shouts out their names as he thanks each of them … there’s Lan and Honey and even a Lala, to Kurt and to Cassie and Yvette, too; thanks to Keith and Phil, Chuck and Eartha, of course; thanks to Danny One and Larry the Grinch, too. Don’t forget Connie; why without you what would Santa do? Thanks to Gerald and Chad, don’t forget E.D. Cooper, Bob, Dianna and Carla, Chris and Rick. Santa must name them all quick; too many to mention, to forget anyone was not Santa’s intention. While snug in his sleigh with his dancin’ and prancin’ Murphy rein-dears he was heard to exclaim as he drove out of sight … “A Merry Christmas to All and to all, a Good Night!”

So, yes, Oliver there is a Santa Claus and thank God he lives as surely as you and I live, for without him the world would be a bleak and lonely place. If we could keep the joy of Christmas giving that he instills in our hearts all year long, think what a better place the world would be.

Thanks to Everyone,



EDITOR’S NOTE: Lorie Farkas is parade coordinator for the annual Albany Celebration of Lights parade.