DAN W. HAMMACK: Arctic Bear column was inappropriate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A segregated society was simply the way things were

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I am writing in response to your recent (column) by Mr. Carlton Fletcher about the Arctic bear restaurant. I hope you will publish my response to this article.

As a senior citizen, I well remember the old Arctic bear and topped there on many occasions to enjoy one of Mr. Johnston’s chilidogs and a milk shake. It was always a pleasant visit and, of course, the food and service were excellent.

When I read that Mr. Bo Henry and his group were considering reopening the facility, I was pleased as it gives us another quick lunch when we visit Albany to shop, visit the hospital and doctors, and spend a little more money in your fair city.

However, I thought that Mr. Fletcher’s recent article regarding this lady’s memory of working at the “bear” was insulting to the Johnston family and completely inappropriate for publication.

Having been raised in rural Southwest Georgia, I obviously grew up in a segregated society. Our schools, restaurants and even the playgrounds were segregated and I certainly agree that this was not right, but this is simply the way it was and now we have moved on. Articles like Mr. Fletcher’s only bring back memories that we are trying to put behind us.

I think that The Albany herald should send a letter of apology to the Johnston family and Mr. Fletcher should be ashamed of himself.