OUTDOORS: Weekly fishing reports

Lake Seminole — Bass fishing continues fair. Activity overall is sporadic. The fish are awaiting a consistent warm-up from present water temperatures. Warmer water should usher in a flurry of bass activity. Right now, flipping jigs in matted vegetation can produce some fair catches. Rat-L-Traps fished along the edges of grass lines is a good pattern, as are Carolina-rigs and drop-shots along creek channels. Crappies are active at mid-range depths and there is increased activity among the deeper fish. Sizable catches are reported and individual fish are of good size. Minnows are the best bait offerings. Catfish have become more active of late, while other species continue slow.

Lake Walter F. George — Bass fishing is fair and water level dictates targeting the banks and the shoreline vegetation. Find inundated grass and work it with floating worms, lip-less crankbaits, shallow-running crankbaits and spinnerbaits. “Swimming” jigs tipped with plastic worms has paid off for some. Dark-colored jigs and worms are best. For largemouths that continue to hold hard on the ledges, fish jigging spoons on heavy line. The hybrids are still on the deeper ledges, but for now are suspended and slow to bite. Crappies remain deep and have slowed down. For now, continue fishing minnows and tipped jigs around deep structure. Shallow up as the water warms. Bream and catfish are slow.

Flint River — Shoal bass activity will be curtailed until a relatively consistent warm-up. Largemouths will likely be even slower due to the recent cold snap. When the weather, and the water, warms, fish shallow crankbaits and grubs in the swift water for shoalies and try Texas-rigs near the banks for largemouths. Catfish are slow and crappies will remain deep for awhile. The few crappies caught, however, will normally be of good size. Bream are very slow and should remain so until the onset of warm weather.

Lake Blackshear — The improving bass fishing has undergone the same cold-snap setback as on other area reservoirs. Still, Carolina-rigs and drop-shot rigs may yet produce a few good deep-water largemouths for the patient angler. Continue to anticipate a warm-up and look for bass to shallow up around docks and trees soon. Crappies remain deep on channel ledges and some are still suspended near the creek mouths. Fish them slowly and with great finesse with jigs. Catfish, bream, and striped bass schools continue to await a consistent warming period before becoming active.