Fire Congress members over firearms control

Letter to the Editor

I’ve always wondered: What type of person runs for political office? Someone who wants to truly work for their constituents, or a hypocrite with an inferiority complex who simply enjoys the power over others that political office brings? Enter Dianne Feinstein, author of the most recent gun control bill that would exempt government officials, such as herself.

As radio host and author Dave Champion has pointed out, Feinstein’s bill contains so many outrageous provisions — not because she expects it to pass in that form, but because she is preparing for “negotiations” in which she intends to convince legislators to agree to pass it if she drops the most extreme provisions. She knows that this will give “political cover” to many of her fellow senators, who will then say to their constituents, “I worked hard to get the terrible stuff out of this bill. I did that just for you!”

Our job is to make it clear to all senators and representatives that no firearms bill — in any form — is acceptable to us and that we will work tirelessly to see that anyone voting for any firearms restriction will be unemployed at the next election.