Police deserve support, not more complaints

Letter to the Editor

As a former policeman, it really makes me angry when I read what people have to say about law enforcement personnel.

I just counted 209 people in The Albany Herald police report this morning who are in custody or on bail waiting for trial. I suppose you think every one of these people went down to the jail and turned themselves in and said, “I was a bad person and I need to be punished.”

For those of you who complain about police, try being one for six months and tell me how you like people hitting you, spitting on you, cursing you and shooting at you, all while being paid a salary next to minimum wage. I hope you never need one in your time of trouble. If you do, call a Liberal and see if they will protect you with their life. I thank God for men and women who put others’ safety before their own.

To all law enforcement persons who read this: Thank you and God bless you!




waltspecht 2 years, 9 months ago

Well, it is a career choice you, and others have made. The bad parts go along with the good. As to pay scale, if no one would work for what is being paid, more would be paid. Do you even remember the ad from New York City trying to recruit experienced Officers? $120,000 after five years for a Patrolman? Now with New Yorks situation being what it is, I would imagine a great part of that salary comes from Federal Grants and allotments. Why couldn't the Officers here get an equivilant salary? Now I know it couldn't be that high, but it could be higher. Problem is too many will work for lower wages for the power they feel comes along with the job. This low pay certainly stops the best of the best from getting into local law enforcement. That is why the high turnover and basic lack of respect. The Kids understand that even a low level dealer or car thief can make more than a beginner in Law Enforcement. The need for a second job also can affect an Officers judgement in certain cases.


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