Just a Matter of Time

A quick rundown of the 13 songs on Abi Permenter’s independently produced and released debut album, available at Permenter’s gigs, on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other MP3 sites, as well as on the singer’s AmpUpTheMusic Facebook page.

  1. Roots: “I came up with this gorgeous lyric about waking up in the morning next to someone I love. As you dig into this person, the roots grow and love blossoms.”

  2. I Might Not Be the One: “I wrote this about three years ago when I was feeling rejected, thinking I might not be a singer or at least the one people were looking for.”

  3. Crushes: “This was about a specific person, a crush I had. Looking back on it, I realized it was pretty stupid, but it was my crush.”

  4. Cafe Day Dreams: “I was going to be a Korean pop singer — do K-Pop — that was a dream of mine. This was just a dream I had in my head, and I explain it in the song.”

  5. White Noise: “This song is dedicated to a cousin of mine. It’s telling the younger generation to just black out the voices telling them negative stuff, to numb the voices and give yourself peace. I was having appearance issues when an adult friend told me, ‘Who you are is who you want to be.’ Use this as white noise to drown out those voices telling you you have to starve yourself to be skinny or you have to be a part of a certain group.”

  6. Night Falls: “This is a song about a boyfriend; it has a jazzy feel. It’s about night falling down on us and not wanting to leave.”

  7. Doctor With a Beak: “This is kind of ‘steam punk’ written about historical ‘plague doctors’ from the Elizabethan era who wore these cones over their noses that looked like beaks. They were filled with herbs to keep out the scent, and I thought the imagery was cool.”

  8. Tiny Boobs: “I was talking to a boyfriend once and I said, ‘I’m sorry I don’t have big boobs.’ He told me — and it was so sweet — that he loved me as I was. That’s what I tried to get across, that it doesn’t matter what you look like. That’s how I feel about people.”

  9. Smile: “This is about my best friend in the whole world who is always smiling, always happy. She has permanent health issues that are painful, but she still smiles. She’s inspired me to do the same.”

  10. Dancing With the Night: “I love the night sky, and once my boyfriend and I lay in the back of a truck and looked the stars from dark until 6 a.m. A girl I follow posted (video) of her dancing, and she had this beautiful smile on her face. She’s usually such a serious person, so I challenged myself to write a song about her. I finished it in 20 minutes.”

  11. Our Song: “This was inspired by the rapper Macklemore, who has a song about how crazy it is for everyone who wants to be a rap artist to do all the crazy stuff rap artists talk about doing. My best friend and I were both feeling down, so we decided to run away and join a horse circus, and the song grew out of that.”

  12. Pet Dog: “Dogs are so loving and trusting, and even if you don’t go out and spend time with them every day, they’re so happy to see you when you do. Dogs are ‘deaf and blind to revenge,’ but even the best humans at times thing about revenge. It shows that all of us humans are imperfect, and while dogs may not be, they’re close.”

  13. Fang’s Promise: “I’m a gamer, not because I have no life, because I choose to have many. Fang is a character in ‘Final Fantasy 13,’ and she says she would ‘tear down the sky’ to save (another character). I can relate to her; it’s the way I feel about my sister.”