Following rules isn’t restricted to games

Letter to the Editor

Dixie League has begun signing up kids to play for the upcoming season, and already I’ve noticed many parents, coaches and board members parking in the “No Parking” alley area next to the Briercliff Lane ballpark.

There are valid reasons the city workers put up those signs. They determined that there was not enough room for cars to back safely out of driveways, nor was there enough room for two cars to pass each other (going in opposite directions) when there were cars parked along the alley.

As you teach your children the rules of baseball, it would be nice if you could also teach them the importance of following city rules and regulations by parking in appropriate areas. Sherwood Baptist Church has graciously agreed to allow baseball patrons to park in their new parking lot directly behind the ballpark.

I realize that this would mean you might have to walk a few extra yards, but it would be the respectful choice to make. Yet there is another, more important reason cars shouldn’t be parked in the alley: the safety of your children. It is impossible to see a young child that darts out into the alley when cars create a visual barrier. Isn’t the well-being of your children more important than saving yourself a few extra steps?