Aviation Commission discusses new terminal, budget cuts

Gaye Arthur of Advent Business Interiors presents to the Albany-Dougherty County Aviation Commission a furniture plan for the new Southwest Georgia Regional Airport terminal.

Gaye Arthur of Advent Business Interiors presents to the Albany-Dougherty County Aviation Commission a furniture plan for the new Southwest Georgia Regional Airport terminal.

ALBANY, Ga. -- While the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport is being faced with some future budget cuts, an overview was given to the Albany-Dougherty County Aviation Commission on Monday regarding the furniture selections currently in place for the airport’s new terminal.

On Monday, the commission approved a do not exceed amount of $291,824 for the furniture — which officials say will be funded via customer facility charges.

Gaye Arthur of Advent Business Interiors presented the furniture floor plan for each area of the airport.

The passenger waiting area is expected to contain 80 seats, 36 of which are set to be equipped with electricity ports. Some of the chairs will have armrests, while some will not — and will come in various sizes.

That area will also include four work desks for passengers to use, Wi-Fi access, in-line tables and handicap areas to be built extra wide.

“We are trying to make the whole gate experience better than it has been before,” Arthur said.

The plans for the public waiting area include long benches with attached tables in-between as well as outdoor public areas with steel benches, trash bins and smoking urns. The large conference room is set to include a 16-foot, 12-chair table with a lectern and seating for 18 people around the room — and the administrative area is anticipated to have two offices with a set up to allow for small meetings to be held in either room.

The figure attached to this plan is expected to go before the Albany City Commission in the coming weeks. Airport Director Yvette Aehle added that there are plans in the works to rent the conference room, which she said could potentially serve as a revenue source for the airport.

Aehle also presented the draft for the airport’s Fiscal Year 2014 budget, which is due in by noon at March 1.

Being taken into consideration with this budget is a mandate by city officials to cut 10 percent, which would make for a difference of $140,000 in comparison to what the facility has to work with now.

Aehle explained that the airport’s situation is unique in that it is not in the position to cut services, which will force the facility to get creative when it comes time to make up for that difference.

“The new building will be easier to maintain,” she said. “(In the meantime), we will try to increase revenue as much as we can.”

In old business, the commission was presented with a draft of its bylaws — which contained the basic framework of how the meetings are conducted, what qualifies as a quorum, election of chair and vice chair, among other things.

On that agenda item, the commission members opted to review the bylaws and submit their suggested revisions to Aehle so that they could be considered at its next scheduled meeting — which is set for 5 p.m. on March 18.


Ihope4albany 2 years, 9 months ago

This new terminal is going to be greatly needed to spur economic development in this region. It will expand its ability to be a SWGA Regional Hub.

I hope that new industries will begin to spring up as a result of the new terminal.


Sister_Ruby 2 years, 9 months ago

As the old saying goes.........hope in one hand and take a dump in the other and see which fills up first..........

Terminal Upgrade and Budget Cuts........does anybody but me see the dichotomy here?

$300,000 worth of furniture.........in an area smaller than most houses in Albany. Wow!


Nonsporting 2 years, 9 months ago

Perhaps $300,000 will buy seats that are more comfortable than the instruments of torture that are presently installed!


TrixibelleBento 2 years, 9 months ago

The furnishings are for the entire building Sister.


chinaberry25 2 years, 9 months ago

And enlighten me how new furniture would bring in new industries? Slick the place up a little and the private planes land at Dawson Airport.


LikeItIs 2 years, 9 months ago

Until the airport has dependable reasonably priced service, people will continue to drive to Atlanta or Columbus. You can offer free food, foot rubs, and curb to planeside valet service with all the soothing music and cushy furniture you want but if the plane ain't there when its supposed to be, its all moot. If ASA had provided scheduled service (I didn't even care about the reasonably priced part). an old bus shelter would have been sufficient for me to use ABY.


jglass 2 years, 9 months ago

The new Albany terminal is way overdue. I have lived in Albany all of my life and I can't wait to see the newly completed terminal. Those who utilize this airport will enjoy it and those who choose not too, well, they just choose not to use it.


FryarTuk 2 years, 9 months ago

I can't possibly imagine how the airport facility will improve business or travel for the community. However, if Obwan wants to spend some borrowed money we have to repay it might as well be here. Annually our little company flies to DFW, ORD, JFK, HKG, HAK and LAX each one from ATL. We do the same for personal travel. All due to unaccommodating flight schedules from ABY. Not complaining about ASA and Delta, they do what they have to do for business and we do the same. When it has been convenient I do fly out of ABY but that is rare. I really do not enjoy going through the local facility because of the unfriendliness of the people but big deal for 45 minutes. What really irks me are the parking lot cashiers always trying to get away with not giving a receipt for cash which means something is amiss. I've chided them, the AP management and the AP committee but it just seems that it's a way of life with them. I assume receipts belong to the city and that's why nobody gives a rip.


FLYABY 2 years, 9 months ago

Fryar--Who specifically did you speak in Airport Management? This is the Airport Director and I have never been contacted by anyone about our parking concessionaire. The parking concessionaire employees are supposed to ask for a receipt for every transaction, whether for cash or credit. The computer equipment they use creates an internal receipt for every transaction and every ticket that is pulled must have a corresponding exit transaction. If you can provide me with specific dates and times of when you passed through, then I can investigate it further. Please call me at 430-5175.

The City receives a percentage of receipts, and I can assure you that I care very much about whether our concessionaire is providing the proper customer service and financial receipts to the City.

As to the comment made by LikeItIs and our dependability, we have had a total of 9 outbound cancelations in the past year--5 mechanical cancelations and 4 weather related. In the past year, 875 flights (88%) have operated on time and 34 flights (3%) were an hour or more late. The dependability has greatly increased in the past few years.

We realize that there is always room for improvement, and we are trying to make those improvments. It is an individual decision that each person makes to use their local airport or not. We appreciate those in SW Georgia who continue to use our facility and we look forward to our new fresh look.


LikeItIs 2 years, 9 months ago

I am duly impressed. My last use of ABY was in May/June of 2011, so that is a DRAMATIC improvement. Congratulations Ms. Aehle and thanks for the feedback!


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