Brick House trial still ongoing

ALBANY, Ga. — With six out of the original eight defendants still standing trial, the state is continuing to present its case in connection to the shooting that killed LaShelton Kernard Stanford three years ago.

Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said Monday afternoon that the state was still presenting its case with several more witnesses to call.

It will be a few more days before the prosecution is expected to rest its case, Edwards said.

Jury selection began on Jan. 28 for the trial, and arguments began roughly a week afterward.

At the time, there were eight defendants on trial: Cavoris Barney, Jacory Butts, Sean Frazier, Anthony Hawkins, Anthony Seay, Shacoby Seay, Shuntavious Seay and Shenard Smith.

Since that time, the evidence has severed Butts from the case for him to be tried at a later date, while Anthony Seay has since accepted a plea deal — which included serving three years in prison and testimony at the trial.

The remaining six are still standing trial, Edwards said.

Stanford, 20, was reportedly killed in a shooting that took place Feb.14, 2010.

Reports from police on the shooting said that an argument erupted in the Brick House Productions studio on Schilling Avenue where dozens of people were present.

The argument escalated into a fight that spilled over into the parking lot where someone began shooting. Stanford was found to have been shot seven times.

A security guard sustained a bullet wound to the arm, but was able to recover from his injuries, reports show.

Reports have indicated that Smith was the gunman.

Dougherty Superior Court Judge Denise Marshall is presiding over the case.