Officials optimistic about weather

ALBANY, Ga. — Residents have so far dodged the “flood bullet,” according to officials with the Albany Fire Department and the city and county Public Works. The wild cards could come with Monday’s weather and what’s already been received north of Dougherty County.

“The front on Monday could be more unstable,” said James Carswell, Albany fire chief, “There’s a possibility of tornadoes or other extreme weather.”

Carswell said that outside of some low-area flooding, mostly on Moultrie Road, the situation is “so far, so good.” As of Saturday evening, the department had received no 911 calls or requests for assistance.

Jim Vaught, deputy director of Albany-Dougherty Emergency Management, felt confident about the weather

“We expect tonight (Saturday) will be great,” Vaught said. “We’re continuing to pump the holding ponds and draining ditches. We’re proactive with the situation.”

Vaught said the area was fortunate to have a “break” in expected rainfall, which should allow city and county agencies to help avoid widespread flooding. According to Vaught, at 3:30 p.m. the Flint River stood at 11.73 feet — well below the 26-foot flood level.

“We estimate the cresting of the river at 21 feet on Wednesday,” Vaught said. “But one important factor is what happens with the water further north.”


VSU 2 years, 7 months ago

So far I haven't seen 11 inches of rain that they predicted Friday. More like the 3 inches that I said would happen. I take any weather news with a grain of salt.


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