Outlook section included today

ALBANY, Ga. -- Included in today's edition of The Albany Herald is this year's edition of our Outlook section.

The 10-page special section is full of photos and staff-written articles that feature local business people and predictions about the economy for 2013.

There's much to be learned by reviewing the section and reading stories, such as the feature on John Prince of Tifton, who recently added an auto dealership in Albany to his holdings and is making a huge financial investment by building a new facility in the metro area.

In the section, readers will:

  • Learn that Prince credits much of his success to hard work. He learned some of that from his mother, who mowed her own grass well into her 90s. She bought a new mower at age 89 and opted for a John Deere model, Prince says, because it would last a long time.
  • Get a clear understanding on just how much Lee County residents might save on their fire insurance rates if their ISO rating is lowered.
  • See what an Albany couple endures to operate a new Albany restaurant that features Thai cuisine.
  • Be informed about what local schools have planned for the coming year, including public schools, private schools and colleges.

That's just a sampling of the story lineup today in Outlook.

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