Look at full effects before closing schools

Letter to the Editor

Recently, I was invited to attend a Black History observance program at Dougherty Middle School. I was impressed by the examples of unity and respect exhibited by the students, faculty and staff at the school. It was truly a game-changing moment for me.

The impending discussions about school closures in the area due to low attendance will mean that these children’s lives of which I sat among during the program will ultimately be changed forever. I thought about how it was when I grew up. School was within walking distance from home and high school only a few blocks away. Location of school was the reason why my parents chose to buy our family home where they did.

I will, and do, support the School Board’s decision and final determination on the matter. I am only asking that equal consideration be given to the children who may find themselves boarding a bus across town or traveling several miles away from home to get their education. Not to mention parents, care providers, staff or faculty that will have to juggle their lives as well.

There is always a trade-off: kids on buses extra hours each week, schools extending hours to accommodate student arrivals/departures, staffing changes or replacements. Wonder what the cost of gas will be to fill those buses traveling those additional miles?

In the 4th-poorest city in the nation, and now according to researchers at the University of Vermont, “a city filled with more sad people per capita than almost any other city in the country,” I implore our leaders to dig deeper, consider human hardships and avoid counting beans in order to reach the bottom line. There is always more than meets the eye, and it is never too late to change the game.




waltspecht 2 years, 2 months ago

When funds are limited, allocating those funds becomes a top priority if the system is to survive. Produceing a sellable product in terms of competant Citizens. is the goal of any school system. Up to now it hasn't had to meet a cost standard, but with this economy that is now the way of things. We can no longer waste funds to accomodate desires and wishes, we can only spend on absolute necessity.


Abytaxpayer 2 years, 2 months ago

Come on BJ I thought you were smarter than this blatant a... kissing....must be planning to run for some office again and your already courting votes...Face the fact there is only so much taxpayer money to spread around. The intelligent Politician makes wise decisions for the majority of their constitutes not just a vocal few and then we have the Albany yokels always pandering for votes. It is a bit strange that back in the day when it was all about “racial diversity” forcing kids on busses just because of their skin color was just fine but now for some reason it will damage kids to ride a bus more than a few blocks. It is PAST time to wake up and stop playing the “GAME” of pandering for votes and make Wise decisions based on the available money that you have Today.


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