Special Baker sheriff election postponed

NEWTON, Ga. -- Voters planning to cast ballots for Baker County's next sheriff will have to wait a bit longer.

Judge Loring Gray originally ruled that a new, special runoff election must be held on Jan. 8 between incumbent Baker County Sheriff Dana Meade and challenger Tim Williamson.

But because that ruling is under appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court, the Jan. 8 election day must be postponed, Baker County Attorney Tommy Coleman says.

"Basically the order says that depending on the ruling of the Georgia Supreme Court, an election will be scheduled for 60 days after the remittur is received," Coleman said. "So we'll have to wait until the Supreme Court hears the case and makes a decision and it could be a while."

Meade is the party appealing the decision, which was issued following a hearing in Baker County in October following allegations of vote-buying and voting irregularities.

Until the case is heard, Meade remains sheriff despite the fact that his term was due to expire Dec. 31.

"The law allows for a carry-over of responsibilities until a qualified successor is named or the incumbent is re-elected," Coleman says. "It's our opinion that he'll continue the office of sheriff until the court renders a decision and there is another election."


waltspecht 2 years, 8 months ago

Gives him that much more time to cover his tracks? Remember Atlanta, when the ousted incumbant had the newly elected Sheriff killed? All to protect what had gone on during his prior term? Does anyone besides me miss "GATOR" ? At least you knew where you stood with him.


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