Albany native a finalist for 'dream wedding'

After their wedding venue unexpectedly closed, Amber Tinson and David Walker need votes to earn their dream wedding

Amber Tinson and David Walker are hoping to win their dream wedding.

Amber Tinson and David Walker are hoping to win their dream wedding.

ATLANTA — An Albany native and her fiancé are among the finalists to earn a dream wedding courtesy of theknot.com.

Amber Tinson and David Walker were all set to put together their own dream wedding when they found out that the venue they had secured had unexpectedly closed, leaving them out of nearly $3,000 in deposits they had made and sending their wedding plans crashing around them.

Now, the couple are among five finalists for an extravagant dream wedding courtesy of theknot.com, which is allowing people to vote on the most deserving couple via its website.

"Losing the venue was a real shock for us because we really had no backup plan," Tinson said. "We just decided not to have a wedding because we had lost our money and a lot of the other venues to choose from were already reserved."

That was, until they learned about the contest and posted a video to Youtube explaining their situation and pleading with site visitors to choose them for the wedding.

The winner will get an all-expenses paid dream wedding in New York City on Valentine's Day. Site visitors can also vote on the theme of the wedding and many of the other wedding details through the site.

The winning couple will be announced Thursday.


AlbanyObserver 2 years, 10 months ago

Oh, how I wish that more people would focus on the "marriage" and not the "wedding."


klm7282 2 years, 10 months ago

Even with the focus on the "marriage", most women have the dream of putting on that special dress and walking down the aisle, with their family and friends celebrating the special day with them. I had the opportunity of entering into "marriage" into my pastors office, however wanted to put on a pretty dress and get all dressed up with my friends and family. Going on 5 yrs strong with two beautiful children. And by the way, we only spend 5-7K on our wedding. Does not have to spend a lot of money on a wedding.


sandiego 2 years, 10 months ago

Oh, AlbanyObserver, in order for there to be a marriage there must first be a wedding to legalize the union. With that being said; lighten up and vote for the couple, i just did. Go hometown finalists!


Sister_Ruby 2 years, 10 months ago

Mr. Walker, you have the distinct honor of having that beautiful woman who agrees to become your wife. Marriage is a sacred contract before a Holy God. I challenge you to write your vows down on a piece of paper and put them in your wallet and pull them out every morning and recommit yourself to them. "keep yourself unto her, as long as you both shall live". Do this and you will LIVE!


rightasrain 2 years, 10 months ago

The best "dream wedding" I could dream up would be for neither the Bride or the Groom show up!


tocar 2 years, 10 months ago

You don't have to spend big dollars to have a nice wedding. It is all about the sacred commitment to each other before God. You have each other, you have obviously a wedding dress, you have a church and if you will have family and friends who will assist with the flowers, decorations and reception finger foods you are done for a whole lots less money.


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