Shockwave continue hot start to inagural season, move to 7-1 following Thursday's rout

Albany Shockwave leading scorer Darryl Williams led the team with 27 points Thursday night in a rout of Southwest Atlanta.

Albany Shockwave leading scorer Darryl Williams led the team with 27 points Thursday night in a rout of Southwest Atlanta.

ALBANY — Hare (Albany Shockwave) 163, Tortoise (Southwest Atlanta Warriors) 78.

This time the hare won easily.

Albany’s ABA team ran circles around visiting Southwest Atlanta Thursday to improve to 7-1 on the season and set itself up for a boost in the league’s ranking rankings, which are updated Monday.

The ABA’s rules are set up to benefit the fast, and that’s just how the Shockwave play. They ran out to a 22-6 lead on Charles Gennie’s driving lay-in with 6:09 left in the first and were off to the races. With 3-pointers turning into 4-pointers and twos in to threes during the “3-D light” when a turnover occurs in the backcourt, the points accumulated quickly.

“It’s designed to make a faster-paced game,” Shockwave head coach Al Smith, uncle to Hawks’ star Josh Smith, said.

Darryl Williams, the Shockwave’s leading scorer averaging almost 43 points per game had his slowest night of the season, but it was still plenty fast. The former Westover High player scored 27 points to go with 18 rebounds to lead Albany. Williams, who just turned 29, still has plenty of hops and showed it Thursday with 360 dunks, alley-oops and even the occasional jumper.

“That’s all we do is run and gun,” Williams said. “We work on that in practice every day. We came out ready to play.”

Even at close to 30, Williams said he’s still pursuing a dream of playing at the highest level.

“As long as I’m playing basketball, I’m good,” he said.

The Shockwave led 80-33 at halftime and were getting ready for Sunday’s game at 4 p.m. at Albany High by the time the fourth quarter started with leading scorers Williams and former Dougherty High player Kenneth Ware on the bench. Ladenshay Johnson scored most of Albany’s points late and ended with 25 points and eight boards. Gennie added 16 points in the win.

Southwest Atlanta, which was missing several players, was led by Al Presley’s 16 points. The Warriors fell to 4-8.

The win should held Albany get into the ABA power rankings Monday after being left out the last few weeks due to missing paperwork.

“We did resubmit the information, so we’ll probably end up between No. 5 and No. 7,” Smith said. “That will put us in the playoff hunt.”

It’s an impressive start for a bunch of guys ranging from 22 and just out of college to 34 and just getting back into shape. And Smith is always looking to add more talent.

“We’d love to add another shooter to go with the two or three that we have,” Smith said. “This is a scorer’s league and I’m still searching for that type player.”


wonderbread 2 years, 7 months ago

hope they continue their success and come back to the civic center!


KaosinAlbany 2 years, 7 months ago

You are one of the ones who want to see him out of the Commission. You think we are idiots, Roger! Pike needs to pay up first!


VSU 2 years, 7 months ago

I'll be surprised if they come back for another year regardless where they play.


Sister_Ruby 2 years, 7 months ago

Maybe the General Manager can make a couple of bucks and start paying back his debts (promises)


MRKIA 2 years, 7 months ago



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