Animal Control responds to cruelty calls

ALBANY, Ga. -- It was a week for cruelty to animals in Albany as Animal Control agents responded to calls for aid.

The inhumane treatment calls logged by agents included a starving dog dumped on a road to die, a malnourished dog in its owner's possession and an abandoned dog tied to a backyard pipe by an electric cord.

An agent drove to the 800 block of Byron Road about a dog at large Wednesday. The report stated there was a white male bulldog with a brown patch on his ear on the side of the road.

"The dog was emaciated and appeared weak, dehydrated," the report went on. "The ribs, backbone, pelvic bones, all prominent from a distance. No visible body fat and obvious loss of muscle mass."

The agent asked nearby residents if anyone knew the dog or his owner. A resident said that a white, four-door sedan drove into the area, dropped the dog beside the road and drove off.

In an inhumane treatment follow-up call, an agent reported he went to 1422 Westcliff Court to check on a brown bulldog mix. He saw the emaciated dog tied to a tree.

"Mr. Joye Jomange Davis arrived and stated that the dog belonged to him," according to the agent's report. "I issued Mr. Davis a citation for inhumane treatment."

In another case, an agent went to 730 Odom Ave. Wednesday and spotted a starving white, male pit bull, which neighbors said was left two days before tied to a vacant property.

All the dogs were taken to the Albany Humane Society.

An agent also reported following a loose older chocolate Labrador retriever from an alley to its home at 1203 Eighth Ave. Later the same afternoon, another agent responded to call of a dog running loose at the same address.

According to the report, a citation for the violation was issued to the dog's owner, William Dickson, a repeat offender.


VSU 2 years, 7 months ago

If you are not going to take care of your dog, please don't own one. Maybe they should tie the owners to a tree and starve them to death so they can experience what their poor dog went through.


erock 2 years, 7 months ago

Stupid thugs, dont tie em to a dang tree, the tree didn't do anything to deserve that, give em a 44 between the eyes, problem solved, permenately


Sherwood_Eagle_Alum 2 years, 7 months ago

I takes a truly sorry individual to abuse or neglect an animal or human being. Abuse isn't simply a wrong choice, it is an intentional decision to do evil.


LeeCo 2 years, 7 months ago

Over the past 40+ years I've put down MANY dogs and cats that people have "dropped off" in Lee County. I would probably be prosecuted for animal abuse these days, but I believe that a bullet to the head is much more humane than letting the "pet" starve to death.


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