Nation at risk from over-the-top spending

Letter to the Editor

I have heard it said of some, “He feels strongly about that both ways.” The meaning is that his feelings and opinion depend solely upon whom he is in the presence of. It seems that President Obama has feelings about some things both ways. In 2006, then-Sen. Obama delivered a scathing address to the Senate during a debate to decide whether to raise the debt ceiling. Then, Obama felt that it was a lack of leadership for President Bush to even think of raising the debt ceiling. Now, that senator sits in the same office as his predecessor. President Obama thinks raising the debt ceiling is necessary and reflects great leadership skill on his part.

God has blessed me with the responsibility of owning a farm in Grady County. We had to obtain financing, and that we did. Over the years, dollars and labor have been expended in order to have a return on the produce. Occasionally there were times when the expenses exceeded the income, and we had to pay as much as we could and then negotiate with the bank to go along for another year. We learned that we needed to put some income aside for lean years. We learned we needed to be concerned about the expenses. Countless people across this great nation have done the same thing — control spending.

It is amazing to me

that many in Congress have experienced the same thing in their private and professional lives. There is not one enterprise that can

succeed or long last if expenses always exceed income. It is convenient

for many of our elected officials to forget from whence they come and to whom they represent, and to develop a mindset that the income stream will never end.

If our government continues to spend, one day the nation’s back will break and then what will we do?




waltspecht 2 years, 5 months ago

Basic economics is beyond the realm of our elected officials. They are all afraid of cutting spending because it will hurt the economy. They seem to have no conception of the fact that if they continue to spend the economy will collapse. Much as Germany's did when they got done with WWI reparations. I still have some million mark notes my Maternal Grandfather kept as a reminder of his relatives in Germany's suffering. He mailed them packages of food stuffs after both wars. He received the Million Mark Notes in return as souviners, because they were worthless. Wouldn't even buy a loaf of bread. My Mother's Cousin had a whole entrance way papered in them as a reminder of what things had been like before he came to America. He served on our side in WWII and was glad to do it.


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