Mental illness issue must be addressed

Letter to the Editor

Mr. President, mental illness is the problem, not the guns. These people who have a mentally ill person (in their care) never come forward until something drastic happens. Why? Because the law can’t help until they actually hurt someone.

People do not talk about their problems. We need more help with mental illness. If a parent keeps an ill person in the home and decides not to tell anyone and lets that person play with guns, then they are responsible.

A person with mental problems can go out in society, buy a gun and no one recognizes the person’s mentality. These people change in character periodically to what they need to be. The public does not recognize anyone being mentally ill. It’s the home life that sparks the killing, and these people will do harm when they want to.

I say the last school killing was the mother’s fault. Had she gotten help, things might have been better. I can’t see telling people to get rid of guns or whatever, and I don’t see the security guards as needed. Common sense is needed.




waltspecht 2 years, 7 months ago

Common Sense is definately lacking in many of Societies decisions. The need to blame an inadimate object, instead of accept responsibility for the failure to control people of deminished capacity. Our President has said we are our Brother's Keeper. By strict Biblical interpretation, that would mean we control them. Whether by jailing or herding. It does not mean we are responsible for raising their children, or supporting them. Only controlling them if necessary. Now if he had said we are all Brothers, it would indicate we are family and should look out for each other. However, as Keepers, the Government accepts the responsibility of controling those beyond their own control. Mainly the mentally ill.


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