Life’s negatives require elimination

The human body has processes by which it excretes or removes waste it has produced. These processes occur largely via the excretory and digestive systems of our bodies.

The excretory system rids the cells in our bodies of toxins and waste products through the kidneys. The digestive system turns the food we ingest into energy we need to function. One part of this process is called absorption and it is how the nutrients from our food are channeled through our intestinal wall and into our blood where the nutrients are distributed to the other parts of our bodies.

The parts of the food that the body cannot use are expelled or passed out of the body as waste. Imagine if these systems are not working properly. There would be a buildup of waste and toxins that cause us to become ill and could even lead to death.

While this is a simplified explanation of the major systematic processes by which the human body rids itself of waste and toxins, it calls attention to the necessity of two basic functions as it relates to our health. First, we need a way to filter what comes in so that we keep the good that can be used and, secondly, we need a way to dispose of, or eliminate, the waste.

Maybe you or someone you know has to be treated using a dialysis machine due to improperly working kidneys. Or, maybe you or someone you know has experienced chronic constipation or other digestive/bowel problems making it really difficult to defecate. If so, then you no doubt already have an understanding of and appreciation for these processes and how they are necessary for our physical health. But, how often do we consider that the same is true for our mental and emotional health?

Throughout our lives we hear and take in messages from family members, friends,and others whose paths we cross. Some good, and serve to build us up, give us energy, support our faith, encourage our hearts, strengthen our sense of self. Some are not needed and they serve to create self-doubt, discourage our efforts, drain our energy, shake our faith and dampen our spirits.

Without a properly functioning mental filtering system, we are unable to make distinctions for ourselves between what we can keep and make use of and those things that aren’t useful and perhaps toxic to us and can just float on through. When this is the case, we hold onto the disposable messages and our relationship to the messages become toxic, leaving behind symptoms of depression, anxiety, low sense of self, etc.

Similarly, many of us have carried around the weight of secrets, anger, and resentments and with no place to go, no room to become something different, the build-up just makes us “sick.”

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