Government gives itself costly Christmas gift

Our Government is trying to slip new spending by us again. In the president’s push to raise the debt ceiling, he stated, it was necessary to cover already approved and incurred debts.

While Congress and the media were consumed with the Fiscal Cliff melodrama, the president slipped another executive order by us in twilight hours of Friday, Dec. 28th. This order lifted a two-year ban on pay freezes for all Federal employees and includes pay increases for members of Congress (most dysfunctional ever).

Since it’s not effective until after the March 27 pay period, there is time to get the word out. The Fox Network was the only one to break and cover this order. Where is our free press and unbiased reporting? As of Jan. 20, this order is not even listed on the government official website of 2012 Executive Orders, conveniently ending with a Dec. 7 posting.

It’s time to call, fax or write our D.C. elected representative to demand roll call votes, to totally rescind this order of raises amounting to a billion dollars per year. Also, spread the word on social networks and TV network feedbacks.

Additionally, we should demand “Truth In Bill Labeling” from Congress preventing unrelated spending items being “attached” to any legislation. The Fiscal Cliff’s bill included extensions of corporate tax breaks worth a reported $77 billion. The CBO figures the cliff deal adds almost $4 trillion to our debt over a decade.

The Republican House’s Sandy Aid Bill originally was for $24 billion, but the Democratic Senate more than doubled it with unrelated expenditures to $60.4 billion. Not wanting more negative press, or to appear callous or further delaying the Aid Bill, the House approved the Senate version.

Considering the above, the president and Congress don’t seem to understand or take seriously austerity necessary to reduce our national debt.