Albany lacking in competent leaders

Letter to the editor

Albany, as is the rest of the USA, is suffering from a lack of competent leadership. Many of the decisions made nationally by our government since the end of WWII clearly point to the trend of "spend today for tomorrow we may die."

This mindset is exemplified on the local level by the efforts to "revitalize" Albany and especially the downtown district. In spite of the millions of dollars spent or committed to be spent nothing has worked as planned. We have more government than we need and certainly more than we can pay for.

I was looking recently at the amount of effort required to remove the Broad Street bridge. This is a more recent example of government waste. The old bridge served its purpose and appears almost indestructible, if the amount of effort required to remove it is an indication of its condition before the decision was made to replace it with a new bridge. The new bridge will still serve a part of Albany that is almost impossible to renovate.

There appears to be no answer to our problems; money certainly is not an answer. We are taxed almost to a confiscatory level and still the problems exist. The new bridge was unnecessary for the present, but still its replacement is under way and we are further in debt.

Sort of makes one wonder where it is going to end or if there is a satisfactory way Albany and the USA can recover.




waltspecht 2 years, 6 months ago

All politicians seem to need some kind of basic training. Whether it be in economics, or just Common Sense. The tax and spend mentality has driven folks out of their homes and businesses. I hate to think of the exedus that would occur if Dougherty County home owners could sell their homes. California is seeing some of the problems with increasing taxes. As Phil Michalson said, " If I stay in California, they expect me to pay an additional 1.6 million in taxes a year". Even if he abandons his house, he will have saved the loss back in just two years, and can probably write off the house on his Federal Taxes. How do these States without any income tax make it?


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