Gun prohibition won’t work in America

Letter to the editor

The Final Chapter is amazed at the lack of research that people use when trying to further their agenda. I said it once and I will repeat it: “I and my guns have not killed as many people as Ted Kennedy and his cars.”

Do we want to ban cars that don’t float? In Thursday’s letter to the editor, Tony Wright apparently didn’t read Thomas Sowell’s article the day before. Gun control doesn’t work and never will. Prohibition proved that when it tried to stop all alcohol sales. It started around 1830, but never got serious until 1919 when the Volstead Act was passed. It never worked and was finally repealed in 1933.

But this isn’t about liquor; it’s about guns. The nation’s capital has always had a total gun ban. “If you look at the firearms murder rate per 100,000 people, District of Columbia comes out top — with 12 firearms murders per 100,000 men, women and children in the state. D.C. is also top for firearms robberies per 100,000 people.” (thegardian) How much stricter can their gun laws get?

And while we are at it, how about the “Rwanda Genocide in 1994”? Most of the killing was done with machetes, clubs or knives. Lasting 100 days, the Rwanda genocide left approximately 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers dead. (About.com) Should we include them in our quest to control law-abiding citizens while letting people with mental disabilities make news?

It is my personal belief that if the news media didn’t give so much attention and these mentally-challenged people got the proper help and support, a lot of this would never have happened. It isn’t the guns doing the damage; it’s the people. More later from The Final Chapter.