Pay teenage girls to not get pregnant

Letter to the editor

The front page article in The Albany Herald about the Albany Woman facing seven child neglect charges because sheriff’s deputies found the children living in a home with a “foot of trash on the floor and rats walking through it” is enough to make one near sick with outrage and empathy for the children.

A search of what taxpayers are paying underprivileged mothers for children is hard to quantify because it varies from state to state. One thing does stand out, and that is taxpayers are paying a lot (billions) to underprivileged single mothers who have children they do not support. These billions are just the direct payments. The indirect payments (to mention a few) include:

1.) Transportation costs;

2.) Medical costs;

3.) Food costs;

4.) Schooling costs.

I feel sure that taxpayers, children and single mothers would greatly benefit if a good CPA were allowed to figure out what we are now paying for child support compared to what it would cost to pay underprivileged girls from age 13 to 18 to not have children.




waltspecht 2 years, 6 months ago

How about just not rewarding them for having children as the current system does?


AnotherMom 2 years, 6 months ago

Actually, this is a very good idea. I think a combination of the paying them for not having children & not rewarding them for having children would be great. There are many single people who need help & can't get it because they don't have any children at home. They are just as deserving of help as someone with a child.


alleebrin 2 years, 5 months ago

Pay teens to NOT HAVE CHILDREN? What a stupid idea! I suggest some real parenting at home on this one! PAY NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN! Seems to me those handouts are gonna come no matter what form! The parents should take responsibility and teach the teen some real values, Oh, but I seem to forget - they were not taught and thus the spiral effect.


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