Lee should push for Sutton honor

Letter to the editor

Please put me on the list of supporters that propose to rededicate U.S. 19 in Lee County in honor of Lance Cpl. Steve Sutton, who gave his life in service to this great country and for the freedom of Afghanistan in 2012.

It is good that Lee County Commission Chairman Rick Muggridge has sympathy with the movement’s motives, but it is unfortunate that he puts a big “but” into the equation. Mr. Muggridge, I live in Grady County and Grady County has two sons who did well in the National Football League and at the University of Georgia. Bobby Walden with the Canadian Football League, then with the Minnesota Vikings and finally with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then there is Bill Stanfill, who was a defensive star for the Miami Dolphins. There is a highway running on an east-west axis though south Georgia, U.S. 84, and that is also Georgia Highway 38 as well. In Grady County, we have that highway honoring Bill Stanfill and at the Decatur County Line, that part of the highway is Bobby Walden Highway.

I urge you, Lee County commissioners, to look for ways to get this job done and not for ways that do not lead toward mission accomplishment, and that is to honor Lance Cpl. Sutton by doing whatever is necessary to rename U.S. 19 in his honor. That is the right thing to do. Precedence has been set, use it to the maximum to get this done in remembrance of the supreme sacrifice of Lance Cpl. Sutton!