Liberals and courts promote socialism

Letter to the editor

The Final Chapter has detected a sense of animosity from the name-calling in The Squawkbox. “Delusional Conservatives.” This country was founded on conservative ideas and policies. However, we have been sold out by the Supreme Court, the very last bastion to protect this country and its laws, and aggressive socialistic liberals who have, from the very onslaught, been trying, and successfully so, to erode the foundation that has supported the United States for over 250 years.

Our belief in the Supreme Creator is evident all over this country and in Washington, D.C., as shown in and on several buildings and our money. However, it is the Liberals who find it a stumbling block in their way to prevent them from turning the United States into a full-fledged communist country. It is they who have twisted the “separation of church and state” into a common goal to destroy this country and, with the help of the Supreme Court, have been slowly and patiently successful.

In its rulings, the Supreme Court has declared that in order to have “separation of church and state” there cannot be any association with religion under the highest scrutiny. This decision must have come from the justices’ own belief rather than to have put themselves in the shoes of our founding fathers for if they had done so, they would have come to a different conclusion. The “separation of church and state” was inserted into the Constitution to prevent a church from being the government, not from being involved in the government, which is the way it was in England and why our forefathers left to come here. To suspect that we can continue as a strong nation without God is more than delusional, but rather the idea of a “socialistic delusional liberal.” And the Final Chapter continues to be written.




RedEric 1 year, 9 months ago

In the early days of our country courthouses often served as churches on Sunday. Religion of your choice was encouraged. Yes Martha, atheism is also a religion. The socialists version of separation of church and state is a deliberately misinterpreted version of the founders intent. Screaming falsehoods loudly long enough will not change the intent, but it will fool a lot of sheep.


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